Career Path

After graduating from the Institut Supérieur de Gestion de Paris in 1992, I started my career in Japan, working for 4 years for a Japanese firm which imported Italian jewellery. In turn, I occupied the posts of administrative assistant for the import-export traffic, sales manager and finally, purchasing manager. This experience opened my eyes to the life cycle of a fine jewellery product from its creation to its sale. It also allowed me to acquire an in-depth knowledge of Japan, its language and culture as well as its business practices.

Upon returning to France, my country of birth, I continued my career path in the same vein, working for Société Nouvelle Or Est, jewellery makers and subcontractors to renowned jewellers such as Cartier or Piaget.

In 1997, I discovered the fascinating world of Swiss fine watch making when I joined Jaeger-Lecoultre whose splendid manufacture in the Vallée de Joux started my addiction to fine watches.

My enriching 3 year experience as product manager for jewellery products at Audemars Piguet confirmed my aptitude for managing creation and product development projects. In close collaboration with the creation, production, quality and sales and marketing departments, I was able to give free reign to my creativity and organisational skills to manage projects for the launch of new products decided by the company.

In early 2001, I joined Blancpain as product manager for the Léon Hatot brand, then for the Blancpain brand. For 7 years, in close collaboration with the company’s management and its technical office, I worked on the evolution, transformation and creation of the brand’s range of products. I built up a precious network and close ties with numerous suppliers to the watch making industry. I learned to identify the specific skills of each. I familiarised myself with how production costs are linked with budgets and sales targets. I also coordinated the needs of different in-house departments (creation, technical office, quality, logistics, sales and marketing) during new product launches.

Finally, in February 2008, I decided to spread my wings and created Elios Sarl, in which my husband Nicolas Leuba joined me as associate consultant in October 2008.