Active for more than 17 years in the watch making and jewellery sectors, I now offer my skills, experience and knowledge of these environments to companies wishing to benefit from an innovative and pragmatic approach to their development projects in the luxury sector.

A specialist in coordination and project management, I can contribute during new product launch assignments. I advise my clients in matters of strategy and marketing, introduce them to the players in the field and actively take part, alone or in collaboration with the existing team, in reaching the goals which have been set.

The services I offer rest on three interdependent pillars which are creationglobal product analysis and project management. For this, I rely as much on my broad knowledge of luxury goods and my flair for beauty and “good taste” as on a structured and realistic vision of sector specific product development.


  • Advice and support in creating the product and its environment (point-of-sale promotions, product packaging, communication)
  • Design realisation or introduction to specialised designers or design studios (calls for proposals, monitoring or coaching of the designers in line with the client’s goals)

Global Analysis

  • Product strategy analysis (competitive positioning / product mapping)
  • Product launch analysis (production lead times and cost planning, cost and sales price calculations)
  • Drawing up complete product specifications

Project Management

  • Introduction to suppliers, or conducting negotiations with them, involvement in the manufacturing process (research, calls for tenders, commercial negotiations, deadline monitoring, product specification compliance monitoring)


  • Trademark registration, registration of designs or models at the Swiss IPI and the WIPO
  • Business support to introduce new products