Career path

After graduating from the Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Lausanne (ESCL) in 1986 and obtaining an Entrepreneurship Certificate from the University of Neuchatel in 1988, I began my career with a series of one year internships in various companies such as Fiat and Lancia in Torino, Mercedes-Benz in Stuttgart and Credit Suisse in Lausanne. I subsequently followed regular upgrade courses: at the HEC in Paris for a finance course, at the CVCI for a commercial and private mediation course, to obtain a license for the commercial transport of goods and passengers, etc.

Following this formative period and having learned Italian, German and English, I was finally ready to join the family business, Garage Honegger SA, in 1992 to earn my place and “make a first name for myself” since I was lucky enough to already have a family name well known in this field.

After 6 years as my father’s right hand, I took over the family business in 1998 and proceeded to build a new garage in Monthey in 2005 after having taken over Garage Soutter in Aigle. In 2006, the Jäger Holding AG group took a participating share of 10% in the company, with the continuing aim of developing it and creating group synergies to remain at the forefront of this sector.

The year 2009 saw Garage Honegger SA fully integrate Larag AG, a Jäger Holding AG group company, to become Groupe Larag Romandie. Hand overs, mergers, acquisitions, expansions or transformations: the company is always on the road, in constant movement, staying healthy and competitive for the past 60 years.

Staying on as CEO of Garage Larag-Honegger SA until the end of 2009, I joined ELIOS Sàrl, founded by my wife, as associate consultant, offering my services to local companies. I am also involved in a number of other companies as partner, advisor and/or member of the board.

In parallel, I have also developed in recent years a very intense and active community life which allows me to build bridges with my professional activities and develop my network and the network of my clients and associates.