After more than 17 years working as an employee, then as a member of the board of Garage Honegger SA, the family business started by my grandfather 60 years ago, I am not only familiar with the world of trucks and utility vehicles but also, thanks to my last positions as Managing Director and CEO, with management of a company which now employs over 100 staff (Garage Honegger SA), including more than 15 apprentices. This company is now part of the LARAG group which employs more than 500 staff and is itself part of Jäger Holding, totalising more than 1,500 employees.

I had the enormous privilege of working with my family (3 generations), experiencing a handover, company acquisitions and mergers, as well as successful commercial and real estate developments and managing projects up to their completion.

Very active in my community, both professionally (CVCI, SIC, UPSA,AAMB, etc.) and privately (Rotary, societies), my relational network in Switzerland is very well established.

With these assets in hand, I am now able to apply my strengths and know how to new assignments in company acquisitions, developments, hand overs or mergers.